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How to implement entity alignment on two graphs constructed in Neo4j?


I have constructed a domain knowledge graph which contains thousands of triples. Soon I will be constructing another knowledge graph from the same domain but different source. Knowledge fusion via entity alignment is one way to produce a knowledge graph with more comprehensive knowledge.

I am wondering how to implement entity alignment on two graphs constructed in Neo4j. To the best of my knowledge, one way is to utilize APIs, which I have yet not found. The other way is to output the knowledge graphs to the same format as existing entity alignment datasets (e.g., DBP15K), so as to implement EAkit toolkit or other entity alignment methods (e.g., JAPE) that have previously been implemented on DBP15K.

Any idea or advice will be valuable and appreciated!



Hey, did you find any solution to this problem? I'm currently working on something similar, would be nice to share our discoveries.

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