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How to create an index with three different properties of an entity in Neo4j?


Recently, I encountered a very difficult problem when trying to create an entity relationship on Neo4j. Firstly, there two kinds of entities that they both don't have a any single attribute that could be used as unique index key, But I need to create a relationship between them through mapping their three coordinates rather than by other's properties . So I wander to know if it is possible to create a index for them by using their three coordinates' attributes within Neo4j.
as far as I know, it's seemly that it could only build an index by using one entities' property on Neo4j. Anyway, I hope anyone can tell me if there is a chance to create an index for an entity bu using its three properties ?


Graph Steward

Hi Alanaxue,

Welcome to the community!!

Please explain what do you mean by "their three coordinates' attributes".

For example, there are two types of entity lists, one is a list of CNV mutations (including chromosome numbers, mutation start points, and mutation end points), and the other is a gene mutation list (it also contains chromosome numbers, mutation start points, and mutation end points). I need to match the corresponding chromosome number first, and then determine whether the mutation range of the gene has an intersection with the chromosome variation. If there is an intersection, I need to create a corresponding mutation entity relationship between them. Due to the large amount of data, I need to build an index with three attributes of the entity for each of them.