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How to calculate billing for different tenant or customer based or different database

I am doing graph DB analysis and Ne04j is suits for my requirement.
Only having one concern

  1. If I will create different DB for each tenant or customer, should I able to get billing information for each customer? becuase dont know how we can find out Billing and Data Usage information for each customer in Neo4j

If I will get expected answers, then definitely we will go for Enterprise licences and start our development.

I am expecting quick response from your side.


Vinod, welcome to the Neo4j community!

Neo4j isn't built with reselling in mind, so how you track that data is entirely up to you. There are many possible patterns and methods to this effect, but you'll have to design your reselling services and systems with your own goals and methods in mind.

Neo4j has many different logs that may be turned on, then analyzed by any third-party tool for your purposes. Alternatively, you can configure any webserver to route traffic to specific Neo4j instances, and record usage there. My advice would be configure and design a graph specifically for storing customer details, and update that graph with usage statistics extracted from such logs, or by a hook in the webserver.

Neo4j is a database engine. How you use it is up to you.

Thanks for response....
So this is the case then if we will use Neo4j for multi-tenancy (mean cutomer wise separate database in single server).. then we can not extract usage and billing for each customer. Then its very difficult to charge them?
Like in cosmosDB Graph, we can create separate collection for each customer and Microsoft will provide us collection wise bill. SO its very easy for use to charge them.

Now this will be very big challenge for us.