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Host neo4j dekstop database with node-js back end. (REST API)

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Hello neo4j community, 

So I have been working on a project with my colleague. 

We split the work in a way that: 

- He makes the front end with React Js

-I make the back end using Nodejs and express. 

In this project I made the backend, and used neo4j as a database. Now I have finally finished all of the logics, and the API is ready and tested with all of HTTP methods (requests, and respones). We intend to communicate between the front-end and the back-end with JSON/HTTP  requests. 

Now the problem is : MY colleage doesn't have neo4j. And the database is in my laptop (Neo4j Desktop). 
Is there a way on how I can deploy my work online? Like hosting the Database and my API. So that he doesn't have to install it in his machine. and make http requests directly from the Client server to the hosted API ? 

Please help me! Give me a solution, I'm stuck in my final steps of the project. 

All my regards. 



You could use docker for your app and neo4j, so he can run them on his desktop. There are neo4j images in docker hub. 

you could look at this as well;

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