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Hiring Javascript visualization and Neo4j developer


Remote position within US time-zones (PST - EST), so open to people in LATAM or Canada. Offices in San Diego if you want to work in an office.

Border is looking for senior web application front-end developers for a job focused on high resolution, cutting-edge data visualization of large datasets in a browser. The ideal candidate is self-motivated and experienced in setting up a complete front-end web/Javascript project and architecting a final solution with a RESTful backend. This will likely be using WebGL and 3D modeling to perform the visualization, so familiarity with WebGL or 3rd party libraries that utilize it are required. Experience in large data set visualization using Javascript charting libraries is desired. We also believe that experience in programming graphics for 3D web based games using frameworks such as Unity that utilize WebGL could also be applicable.


  1. Senior web/Javascript developer with at least 5 years of experience

  2. Experience in React is desired, but any modern Javascript framework is also desired (Angular, etc.) (at least 2 years)

  3. Experience in WebGL or any framework using it for 3D graphics within web browsers (at least 2 years)

  4. Ability to set up a complete SPA or front-end web application is required. This means understanding tooling/compilers and modern FE development practices

  5. Work with REST API's and defining REST APIs to meet FE application objectives


A. Experience in charting/data visualization Javascript libraries such as D3 or others for large data-set visualization

B. Experience in UI development for web games using Javascript with frameworks such as Unity could be applicable and could be applied to data visualization

C. Experience in data visualization WebGL with frameworks such as would be highly desired

D. Back-end experience or full stack capabilities is also desired, but not required. Final solution will likely use a Node BE, but familiarity with .NET, PHP, etc. is also desired


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