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my name is Matthias Sieber.
I am a Software Engineer of nearly two decades including CTO experience looking for a new place to make a positive impact. My role at MediaHound, where I primarily developed fast, award-winning cross-media recommendation and discovery services with Rust and Neo4j just concluded. Prior to that, I extensively worked with Neo4j and ElasticSearch in a JavaScript-laden (but also some C++) environment as the CTO. My relationship with Neo4j goes back to 2014, where I researched fitting databases for a student's music recommendation service as the Lead Instructor of a Web Development Immersive program.

I received my Neo4j Professional certification in January of 2016 as one of the first participants of the exam. I did it for the free T-Shirt, which I'm also still wearing on occasions like the Graph Meetup in LA. I had the honor of doing a short interview at the Bay office in the then still called Neo Technology, too.

Unfortunately in recent years, my Open Source work has been rather limited. But even with the rather consuming work environment of my last job, I managed to help out the community in small ways by answering every now and then on StackOverflow. My top answer is on the question Find neo4j nodes where property is not set, even though a JavaScript answer is slowly catching up.

Some of my better technical writing in English can be found on my LinkedIn activity feed. As far as human languages go, I'm fluent and literate in English and German (this came in handy, as it launched a successful business venture with another company for MediaHound). I've been working to get my Japanese up to that level as well, but I won't be there for another few years.

At this time, I'm looking for remote positions or in the Los Angeles area and am curious to see what other people are doing with Neo4j. As a holder of a German passport, I can accept (remote) work in the European Union as well.

With kind regards,

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