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Failed to dump a database in Neo4j Desktop 4.3.5

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Dear all,

I failed to dump my database in neo4j desktop 4.3.5 on Windows 10 Pro (64). I googled this problem but haven't found my case. I would like to see log files but currently have no idea what should I look at in the log files.
I would appreciate if anyone can give me a hint on that.

Thanks and Best


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I think you're running into a desktop issue unique to windows. The easiest workaround is:

1 - Stop the database.

2 - Open a terminal window for the database you want to dump.

3 - Dump the database using the neo4j-admin command with the dump option:
bin\neo4j-admin dump --verbose --database=neo4j --to=C:\dbdumps\mydb.dmp

4 - Use the neo4j-admin load option to restore to the database

.\neo4j-admin load --from=C:\dbdumps\mydb.dmp --database=mydb --force

neo4j-admin doc