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COVID19 Data-sets

Graph Buddy

Hi Friends,

If you are interested in doing some modeling of the COVID19 epidemic, here are some datasets that I've found:

Data Sets:

^-- If you're working with knowledge graphs the 2nd might be very interesting.

Research Papers:

For myself I would love to set up a simulation that runs an epidemic through a sparse social network, and then trial out the effectiveness of some mitigation strategies, however I've been busy with the day job πŸ˜‰

Maybe it will help someone.


Graph Buddy

I wish there was a dataset of individual cases
. Then we could maybe try to do something like this:

I wish there was a dataset of individual cases

Here you go @shan:

. . not complete at this stage. I will see what else is available.

Thanks but isn’t this the same as the first dataset you shared in your first post?

@shan Yes it is the same, thought maybe you missed it. (But turns out it is only a few clicks away from the README).

I didn't release when I posted that it wasn't complete.

Thanks @jasperblues
I am looking for a dataset that has some info about individual cases. Something you can analyze to maybe understand the pattern of how it spreads. The link I sent in my first reply does something like that.

Thanks @shan @greg1 @here please share more data sets as you find them.