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Consultants for Hire: Experienced Neo4j & App Developers

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Philadelphia US - EST Timezone


  • 3-12+ month projects
  • Defined budget or maximum billable hours per week
  • Projects preferably using Neo4j technologies and graph DB related technologies
  • Projects that we are looking for include data modelling, data management, server infrastructure, tools, web apps, and mobile apps


Who we are
We are a software development and data management company called Untitled Folder. We believe every great idea starts with an untitled folder. Our services are uniquely suited to help you achieve your software development, software hosting, and graph DB requirements. We build fully functional software products and technologies that help your business scale to grow with your customers’ and data needs.

Through our Graph Database Meetup that we created 2 years ago, we've become the Philadelphia community experts in working with Neo4j Graph databases. We have a passion for teaching our community how to use these technologies for civic good and empowerment. This past year our project, CypherPhilly, was awarded a Lenfest Innovation grant to build an open source web application and data toolset to assist data journalists.


  • Large enterprise projects
  • Small startup MVP development
  • 15 year experienced Senior Software Developer
  • 10 year experienced Project Manager
  • Neo4j experienced developers and enthusiasts
  • Neo4j Community Meetup Leaders (Philadelphia)
  • Data Journalism Grant Awardees using Neo4j
  • Agile methodologies, Angular, Node.js, Go, Rails, Dev Ops, SQL

What we do:


  • We build scalable cross-platform mobile and web applications to support your growing business needs
  • Integrate open source graph data migration and warehousing
  • Improve and scale Node.js, Go and other backend needs for web applications
  • Responsive web and mobile design/development
  • Infrastructure and Dev Ops
  • Auto testing and auto deployment
  • Test-driven development


  • Work with both SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Grow and expand the capabilities of Neo4j in your software application
  • Build or Implement data connectivity, loading, performance and cleaning from cloud-based infrastructure and API’s
  • Integrating Neo4j and SQL to utilize each effectively
  • Custom built recommendation engines based on your data


  • Manage projects and collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Product Roadmapping and pitch deck development
  • MVP Discovery and Scoping
  • MVP Idea Planning

Cypher Philly:

Contact Information:


Graph Buddy

Hi Jess
Please look at my linkedin profile and see if it fits requirements you have posted.I have recently done Neo4J certification and you can have a look at my profile
Thanks and Regards
-Sameer Gijare