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Best way to build a Social Media Platform


Hello Everyone,
I am a fullstack dev and wanted to build a social media platform to explore the possibilities with different databases
But I am really struggling to decide what should be the best database or databases to implement all these features like:

  • Community detection
  • Trend detection (last year, month, week, day, 7hours, 15mn)
    — trending categories
    — trending posts
  • Counters
    — total users
    — total friends
    — total posts and total per user
    — total comments etc…
  • Search engine
    — search users / posts / categories (with trending ones at the top)

I understand that Graphdb are perfect for community detection but not for trend detections where time series db seems more adequate.
For the search feature I am not sure what to use to be able to search any keywords like name, lastname, posts, categories or even the content of a post.

The idea is to design it and test for 10 million users posting 10 posts a day each (at least )

Will you use only 1 database to achieve all that or will you use different databases and connect them together to get the best from all ?

Could you guys tell me what you will use to cover each of these feature please ???

Thank you for the time you’ve spend reading and helping me out



upping my message in case of others may be interested !

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