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Head's Up! Site migration is underway. Phase 2: migrate recent content

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Migration back to Discourse

Hello friends! So... about a half year ago we switched the platform used here on from Discourse to a vendor called Khoros. We were hopeful about Khoros as a platform that we could build upon to make a great website for the communi...

About the General Discussions board

  The General Discussions board is meant as a location to ask non-technical questions either about Neo4j, or about the Graph Community in general. Use the General Discussion board for some of the following: Looking for a job OR hiring for a position...

TrevorS by Community Team
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Monitoring Neo4j with Halin

I've been working on this app on the side recently, and though I'd do a short writeup on how it works and what it does. Let me know what you think! Medium – 29 Oct 18 Monitoring Neo4j with Halin – neo4j – Medium Visual...

Senior Software Engineer - Neo4j - Remote US

Location: Remote US or EST Timezone Description: Respondent is the world’s first marketplace for scheduling research interviews with any target audience, anywhere in the world. We enable companies of all sizes to discover the power of conducting mark...

How to return releshionship type in multilevel query?

Hi all, I'm trying to extract the relationship types from a query; but it works only for direct relation. This: MATCH (n:POC) -[r]- (m) RETURN type(r) gives correctly ╒═════════╕ │"type(r)"│ ╞═════════╡ │"SON_OF" │ ├─────────┤ │"SON_OF" │ └─────────...

Customer Address Question

In a Neo4j customer database, we have an Address node. I want to link it to separate nodes for State, Zip Code, and Country, as there are there are numerous use cases for searching on them. My question is this. Is it better to redundantly add State, ...

Saving code

I understand Neo is a slightly different paradigm but something I dont understand as a new user is why code written isnt saved in to files. When I write a script/file that creates a graph and populates it, I want to save it as a file in a project as ...

How to publish graphs online

Hi! I have found neo4j by internet search, and I start to understand how to use the desktop app. Once I have a graph ready, is there a simple way to publish it online? Even better, is it possible that the online graph updates as the database evolves?...

How to get started with machine learning on graphs

Hi everyone, Over the last few weeks I've had a lot of conversations with research groups wanting to learn more about machine learning on graphs. I've put together an article to hopefully help give initial points to people wanting to dip into graph M...

david1 by Node Link
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