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About the General Discussions board

  The General Discussions board is meant as a location to ask non-technical questions either about Neo4j, or about the Graph Community in general. Use the General Discussion board for some of the following: Looking for a job OR hiring for a position...

TrevorS by Community Team
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Remote guide error TypeError: Failed to fetch

I see no answered questions about this so either nobody creates custom guides to :PLAY or the solution is so obvious that it would take a real newb to miss it. Currently using 3.x Community Edition - so if this is an Enterprise only feature will inst...

Visualizing the global SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) situation

Along with the rest of the world, we have been anxiously following the development of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19 (aka coronavirus). On this page you can use GraphXR (embedded as iframes) to explore publicly available data on SARS-...

sony by Node Link
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Starting Neo4j too slow and go failed

I have a strange issue when starting neo4j: After start neo4j with sudo service neo4j start, I check status using sudo service neo4j status, it notices that Starting Neo4j. This process is too slow and go failed after I've completed configurations ...

Neo4j 4.0 Horizontal Scaling and Performance

Hello, With the new 4.0 update, Neo4j has added support for horizontal scaling (1). Can Neo4j still claim that it has the performance advantage of O(1) node hop given multiple nodes in the graph (2)?

imWillX by Node
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Resolved! How to find a pattern in each element of a list

Hello, I have a very beginner question but I didn't find any solution in tutorials and forum. I would like to search a pattern in a list of strings. Below the '' is only a string and I would like to do the same operation but on a list. MATCH (n...

wfarin by Node Link
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