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About the General Discussions board

  The General Discussions board is meant as a location to ask non-technical questions either about Neo4j, or about the Graph Community in general. Use the General Discussion board for some of the following: Looking for a job OR hiring for a position...

TrevorS by Community Team
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Show DBMS current status

Is there any way to get the current online/offline status of a DBMS? Similar to how the cypher query "show databases" can get the current status of databases in a DBMS. It doesn't have to be through cypher. I just cant find a way to get the current s...

Resolved! neo4j browser graph visualization with wrong relationships

Hi there, i'm using docker neo4j, version 4.4.9. my problem is, neo4j browser Graph type  visualization renders different result compared to Table or Text type results. my query is,  MATCH (i:Item)-[c:COMPLEMENT]->(i2:Item)WHERE c.comp_rnk = 1RETURN ...

jinner by Visitor
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4.4.5 not finding import folder

Upgraded to 4.4.5 this morning on Windows 11. Now 8 saved "favorite" scripts cannot find the corresponding files. Graph database opened fine and queries running ok. Database schema looks ok.  Found an import folder and confirmed the .csv files  are i...

apoc.periodic.iterate with

Hi there,              I am using this query to export particular Node data to csv using apoc.periodic.iterate. But getting error. Please look at the query and do suggest. MATCH (nod:${node}) WITH collect(distinct nod) as a CALL apoc.periodic.iterat...

Resolved! apoc.load.json from url got stuck

Hi everyone, I have the below query to load 4mb of json data and it got stuck without any warning or error only kept on spinning. If anybody can help or suggest me a solution that will be helpful. You can directly run the query if you want to check C...

Question about AuraDB disk scalability and sizing

Hi all, The data engineering team in the company I work for currently runs Neo4J on Kubernetes and as a platform team myself and some colleagues are suggesting to run it as SaaS solution like AuraDB due to maintenance costs and improved reliability a...

bpadz by Node
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Simple GUI for basic data entry and structuring?

Is there a simple GUI with (say) drop-down selection lists, predictive text etc which allows the gradual building of a database by a db noob as he gradually learns neo4j, cypher, front-end web languages etc? Something like: Click "Create" (Node, type...