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Arrangement of Nodes in Graph Visualization

Node Link

Hello, i have two basic questions.

  1. It is possible to fix the arrangement of the visualization of the graph nodes? When i sort the nodes as desired, disconnect and reconnect to the graph database, unfortunately i have to arrange the nodes in the visualization again.

  2. Are there any helpers for the arrangement? E.g when i would like to order some nodes exactly one on one line etc...

Thank you for help in advance,

beste regards


Graph Steward

Welcome to the community Marian. In the desktop there isn't any way to fix the position of the nodes in the display permanently. They will automatically move, etc. when a query is run. However there are some tools you can use to make a better visualization. If you add the Graph Apps Gallery as an app on your project, you'll see there a number of different apps you can use that will help you with this issue:

One of my favorite is the yFiles Neo4j Explorer which can help you make diagrams, etc. like this:

My suggestion would be to start in the Apps gallery and then you can find a tool that fits your needs.