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Neo4j Driver for Java Releases

A new version of the Neo4j Driver for Java is now available on Maven and Github:  Maven Repo ; Neo4j Java Driver (shaded package); GitHub Neo4j Java Driver releases. 

Neo4j Driver for .NET Releases

A new version of the Neo4j Driver for .NET, version 1.7.0-beta02, is now available. Neo4j.Driver.Signed 1.7.0-beta02 The official .NET driver for the Neo4j Graph Database over the Bolt protocol. ...

Neo4j Driver for Python Release

A new version of the Neo4j Driver for Python is now available! Learn more about Neo4j Bolt driver for Python. and find the change logs here 

Neo4j Driver for JavaScript Releases

We are releasing new versions of the Neo4j Driver for JavaScript on an ongoing basis. You can find links for all these releases below. Head to the documentation page for any information related to the Neo4j Driver for JavaScript.

Neo4j Driver For Go Releases

This is the release announcement topic for our brand new official go driver. You can find full instructions (in addition to go get on how to use the official go driver at

Liquibase for Neo4j Releases

The Liquibase Neo4j plugin allows you to track, version, and execute database changes against Neo4j. You just need to drop the plugin package to your existing Liquibase installation and you're ready to rumble! Liquibase Neo4j versions 4.9.0 and 4.9.0...

NeoDash - Dashboard Builder for Neo4j - Releases

This thread will contain updates on new releases of NeoDash - a Neo4j Labs project.Source code for all releases will always be available on GitHub: For questions/feature requests/issues, please create an issue on ...


Cypher-DSL Releases

Hi, Michael here, from team SDN-OGM. We are planning to announce new releases of the Cypher-DSL here, too. The Cypher-DSL is a spin-off from our work on SDN6 and is a fully supported Neo4j module as SDN6 uses it all the way under the hood. It provide...

Neo4j-OGM Releases

OGM v3.1.3 released It's my pleasure to announce the release of Neo4j OGM v3.1.3. This release fixes a lot of issues that have been open for quite some time. Especially modeling a domain on basis of abstract classes works now as described in the docu...

Neo4j-Migrations Releases

Hi. I'm gonna cross post release announcements about Neo4j-Migrations to this channel. Neo4j-Migrations is a database refactoring tool, available as API, native command line tooling (CLI) feasible to be used with CI/CD scenarios or with integrations ...

Announcing the Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark

Neo4j Graph Database Platform – 12 Nov 20 The Great Hookup: Announcing Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark Announcing a new and great integration tool that moves and reshapes data bi-directionally between Neo4j and Apach Sp...

New Driver Releases

New versions of Neo4j Drivers have been released today: Java 1.7.3Javascript 1.7.3Python 1.7.2.NET 1.7.1Go 1.7.3Seabolt C 1.7.3 Please refer to our download page - and GitHub for Seabolt -

The full set of official 1.7 drivers is now available!

We're delighted to announce that the full set of 1.7 Drivers is now available! This includes our previous languages, but also a brand new driver for Go, which joins the driver family with full routing and type system support. Links below: Java: https...