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I'd like to connect a neo4j database to a simple minimalistic website where you can create objects, properties and connections simply and intuitively, (likely in a tabular format)

Like the title says, I'd like to create a site from which you can create objects, properties and connections to other objects, and store them in a neo4j database, creating a semantic web. Does anyone know how to do this?

Terraform - Neo4j Cluster k8s

Hi I have created several Terraform scripts to create a neo4j cluster on k8s. Check this out and share Comments are welcome GitHub GitHub - jggomez/neo4j-k8s-terraform Contribute to jggomez/neo4j-k8s-terraform develo...

jggomez by Graph Voyager
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Barista - Client-Side Codebase as a Graph

Barista is an open-source project that aims to help Frontend developers better understand a codebase. Barista creates a Neo4j graph database from a source code, including folders, files, and import dependencies. Read a tutorial to learn how to use it...

Resolved! Recent Liquigraph releases

Hello everyone, It has been quite some time since I announced Liquigraph releases here, so let me help you catch up with the recent work the Neo4j data migration tool: Version 2.0.3 (for Neo4j 2.x) Version 3.1.1 (for Neo4j 3.x)Versions 4.0.0 and 4.0...

Civil records, history and demography

Dear colleagues, I am studying civil records in a 1300 inhabitants village in French for historical studies and I am using for that Neo4j. On the sole basis of 145 union records, I have already developed a db with some 500 nodes (7 label types) and 1...

Neo4j Commander

Hi! I have been using neo4j for several years now - mostly with spring-data-neo4j and for all kinds of applications - but always thought that editing the actual data in the nodes and relationships was very clumsy (writing cypher queries in the neo4j ...

chris3 by Graph Buddy
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From PDFs to Knowledge Graphs

Hello, I am working on creating knowledge graphs froms PDFs. I am using VSCode/Python/Adobe PDFServices and of course Neo4j/Cypher. I will make my repo public as soon there is enough to look at PEF

zepef by Node Link
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