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Error During Delete

Hi. Hoping to get a little wisdom here as to whether this is a bug or something we've configured incorrectly. Using Neo4j 3.5 and sending to a Kafka topic using the streams capability. All seems to work well for creating and updating but we can't see...

Consumer config doesn't seem to work

I have a sink connector which consumes messages from KAFKA, I've configured poll records as 1000 by adding this property. "kafka.max.poll.records":1000 I just followed the documentation here. Neo4j Graph Database Platform ...

Design Problems in Sink Connector

Im trying to use sink connectotr to sync data from mongodb. I receive relationship event as, "fullDocument": { "_id": { "$oid": "6112376c9ade02082f500711" }, "_relatedFromId": "6112376b9ade02082f5006f6", "_relatedFromType": "PER...

Not able to run 'Stream' Procedures

Hi Everyone, I am not able to run the "Stream" procedures and getting this error: Failed to invoke procedure `streams.consume`: Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: '' I am using ...

Neo4j kafka sink plugin

Hi all, i'm trying a super simple test integration between kafka and neo4j using neo4j sink plugin but simply not work. This are my test configuration: kafka.bootstrap.servers= kafka...

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How to act on changes to the database

One design question for my app where I've not understood if there is a Neo4J way of achieving the desired effect is.... As web based users create or delete nodes or relationships, in Neo4j through a web app, I want to kick off some Python scripts on ...

Oracle RDBMS to neo4j graph incremental data transfer

Experts, We have done the infra setup to transfer the incremental data from Oracle 12c to Neo4j 3.5.5 (RDMS <-> Oracle Golden Gate <-> Big Data Gold Gate <-> Kafka <-> Neo4j stream <-> Neo4j) And able to see the updated data under neo4j graph databas...