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Neo4j ETL & Snowflake

Any suggestions on getting NEO4J ETl to read snowflake tables? COMMAND: java -cp "C:\Users\xxx.Neo4jDesktop\graphApps_global\neo4j-etl-ui/dist/neo4j-etl.jar;C:\Users\xxxx\Downloads\snowflake-jdbc-3.8.5.jar" org.neo4j.etl.NeoIntegrationCli generate-me...

lpfrnk by Node
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ETL and System Tables

Hello. I'm trying to acclimate myself to the Neo4j ETL Tool, using MSSQL in my JDBC connection. Although I'm specifying a specific source database, the ETL seems to pick up all the tables and schemas from the System Tables (master, model, msdb) on my...

Integrating Neo4j with MongoDB and ElasticSearch

Hi, I'm working on a open source project named which provides recommendations and personalised search to the user. I'm using Neo4j for my recommendation systems and [Neo4j+Elasticsearch] for search engine. For integrating mongo an...

Plugin develops

Can someone please send me a good full step by step guide how to create plugin for neo4j? I cannot understand the documentation. Thank you!

Issue in integrating neo4j to elasticsearch

Hi All, As I was tried to push data to Elasticsearch by using the below neo4j-Elasticsearch integration, GitHub neo4j-contrib/neo4j-elasticsearch Neo4j ElasticSearch Integration. Contribute to neo4j-contrib/neo4j-elastic...

Neo4j connection to Denodo

I am very new to using the ETL tool. I have been trying to establish a JDBC connection to a Denodo server. I have verified that the correct driver is located in the plugins folder and I am pointing the ETL tool to the driver. The error messages re...

About the Other Databases & ETL category

Neo4j can integrate with a number of relational and non-relational databases. Either with dedicated integrations and #neo4j-graph-platform:etl tools or via procedure libraries like #neo4j-graph-platform:procedures-apoc If you run into a bug, rather t...