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Integrating Neo4j with DynamoDB

We are running an amazon hosted Neo4j cluster and we are getting close to 30G of data, storing quite a lot of legal documents with some hefty fulltext properties that tend to take a lot of space. We are now starting to experience instability around b...

Import database to Neo4j Desktop

Hello! I don't have experience in neo4j and I don't know if what I want to do is possible. I have an external application that is responsible for analyzing android applications and creates a database in neo4j generating the following files: I looked...

How do I use Cypher to connect to a RDBMS using JDBC

With the inclusion of java stored procedures in Neo4j 3.x, one can run Cypher to connect to a RDBMS using JDBC. To do so one needs to download and install After installation of the Neo4j APOC ki...

Call in apoc.periodic.repeat not working

Hi, I am trying to call in an apoc.periodic.repeat call like this: CALL apoc.periodic.repeat("updateElastic", 'CALL"localhost", "some-index", "_doc", "test-id", null, {id: "test-id", text: "test"}) YIELD value RETURN value'...

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Talend connection

Hi I try to connect Talend NoSQL to Neo4J version 4.x . The connection failed since Talend don't have that DB version. Did someone has a clue how to do so?