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About the Linked Data, RDF, Ontology category

Welcome RDF / Linked Data / Ontology practitioners (or just curious people). If you're asking yourself how do any of these technologies relate/integrate with Neo4j, you're in the right place This is your section if you have questions (basic or advan...

Best way to export large graph as RDF

Hey all, I'm currently working on a university project where I need to export my existing Neo4j Graph as RDF triples. Right now I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that given that the database is quite large (11mil nodes, 1bil relationships)...

Convert JSON to Turtle format

Hi I have a json response object, I would like using python script to convert this json response to turtle file. Did soomeone already tried this ? Or any Resources you found helpful ? I found some resources, not sure how to take this forward, so look...

Isha by Node Clone
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Resolved! Installing neosemantics 4.0 (community edition)

Hi, I am trying to install the neosemantics 4.0 on the community edition 4.04. Is it possible to install it on the community edition, there instructions doesn't say any thing about that. I saw this post on Githut (issue 155). I've added dbms.unmanage...

Import complete wikidata into neo4j

I used GitHub GitHub - findie/wikidata-neo4j-importer: Imports WikiData JSON dumps into... Imports WikiData JSON dumps into Neo4j in a meaningful way. - GitHub - findie/wikidata-neo4j-importer: Imports WikiData JSON d...

Multiple domains and ranged for a relation

Hello, I am trying to import simple ontology with n10s.onto.import.fetch() The problem is that my ontology contains several "rdfs:domain" and "rdfs:ranges" for some specific relations. Here it is example alp:cites rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ; ...

Register procedure for neosemantics in embedded Neo4j

Hi, I want to use neosemantics in my project to import ontologies. I managed to use neosemantics on the browser but now I want to use it in my embedded Java project. I am new to coding Neo4j but I saw that I need to register the prodecures I want to ...

Changing baseSchemaPrefix :n4sch to custom name "azdt

I have used call n10s.graphconfig.set( ) command to update neosemantics configuration For some reason baseSchemaPrefix is not updating. rest of the parameters are being updated. here is the command used call n10s.graphconfig.set( { keepLangTag: true,...

Resolved! Running semantics.importRDF local vs remote

Hello, running 1. (remote) works fine, while running 2. (local) doesn't work (see results below) remote CALL semantics.importRDF("","Turtle",{}) local CALL semantics.importRDF("f...