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Neo4j Spatial which tool to use with Neo4j Server

I'm currently exploring Spatial support for Neo4j. Until now I've been using PostGIS for storing and querying Openstreetmap Data, but I want to use Neo4j for this approach. When using Neo4j I first discovered the very old neo4j-spatial-plugin. Using ...

Preparing OSM data for routing

I've been trying to follow the GraphConnect 2018 video on loading OSM data into a routable graph ( - all goes well until I try the cypher shown at 21:26. If I run the cypher exactly as...

Error running OSMImportTool

I am following the README at GitHub - neo4j-contrib/osm: OSM Data Model for Neo4j I have built the project and am now trying to run it to load my osm sample map into a 4.1.6 (initially I was using v4.3.6 but have reverted incase it was a compatibilit...

taffyb by Node Clone
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Using polygon areas in Bounding Box Query

Hi all, Currently I have a lot of positional data (include lat and long) representing millions of nodes. Original plan was to use bounding box query to put those nodes from above into clusters/region. Spatial searches I realized there are only 2 opti...

DMF194 by Node Clone
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Unable to load shapefile using neo4j spatial plugin

Running neo4j desktop 4.2.3, Spatial 0.28.0-neo4j-4.2.3 config files have been updated to ensure spatial.* procedures are available. I've attempted the following procedure call (in multiple variations) and continue to receive the following error: Th...

Performance of Spatial Intersections

Hello all I'm evaluating the performance of Neo4J with doing a geospatial intersection between points. The intent is as follows: Take 300,000 Address points that have a street address, latitude, and longitude and see which addresses are within 50m ...

brian1 by Node Link
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Problem with Neo4j Spatial plugin

Hello, I am having a problem with the neo4j spatial plugin. I'm downloading the most recent version from here,, but I can't get the plugin to work. When I unzip the zip file into neo4j's plugin direc...

Unable to import shapefile

Uable to import shapefile Query: call spatial.importShapefile("file:///shapefiles/SupportStructure.shp") Error: import folder: Plugin folder: Can anyone help on this, why I am getting this error. Thank you

Routing with osm data in Neo4j

This is my first project trying to use Neo4j to solve problem. Hope this approach will work. Thank you in advance for the community and community users to help me out. Let me introduce my problem first, I'm currently working on a project which needs ...

Resolved! Using Imported OSM data

So, I ran through the OSM import process as on GitHub and generated the sample database via the java -Xms1280m -Xmx1280m \ -cp "target/osm-0.2.2-neo4j-3.5.1.jar:target/dependency/*" org.neo4j.gis.osm.OSMImportTool \ --skip-duplicate-nodes --dele...

Importing OSM Data

Hey, I imported OSM data for a specific country using spatial.import OSM("path"). But I can't retrieve GEOJSON for specific geometry objects. Every Geometry object has weird data like that. { "0": 0.0, "1": 0.0, "2": 0.0, "3": 0.0, "4": 1.0, "5": 64....