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Run neo4j desktop in docker

I started neo4j 4.2 enterprise in docker container. Neo4j browser runs ok. How can I run neo4j desktop from docker image? I need to use APOC extension from neo4j desktop. Thanks, aj

ajchen by Node
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Docker Import tool too slow

Hi, I am working with a dataset and a neo4j in docker, my computer is a VM in azure with ubuntu and 1T of disk and 128 gb of ram the problem is that using the import tool alway become to slow at 70% of the node import process, I configured the verbo...

roberto1 by Graph Buddy
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Can't connect to Neo4j Browser

I'm following the getting started guide (How-To: Run Neo4j in Docker - Developer Guides) with this command: docker run \ --name testneo4j --platform linux/amd64 \ -p7474:7474 -p7687:7687 \ -d \ -v $HOME/neo4j/data:/data \ -v $HOME...

Log4j Security in Neo4j docker image

I would like to confirm whether the updated docker image,version 4.4.1 solves the security vulnerabilities of CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046 Thanks and regards

Neo4j Docker Container Can't Write Logs

Hi All I am running two Neo4j Docker containers on the same server and both of them have an error with the logs. After using the docker logs command I realized that the containers can't write any logs anymore with the following errors: The first cont...

Neo4J Docker Intermittent Error (Lock Manager Not Found)

Hey guys, I'm getting the following intermittent error (maybe half the time) when starting up Neo4J in docker locally. Can anyone help diagnose the issue? Thanks. Caused by: org.neo4j.kernel.lifecycle.LifecycleException: Component 'org.neo4j.server....

ben6 by Node
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Unable to set parameters for queries using docker

Hello, I've been trying to set a parameter to use in parameterized queries using docker, my first approach has been to set a volume to bind the conf folder and place a apoc.conf where the following configuration is present: apoc.initializer.neo4j.0=...

Nginx HTTPS proxy a docker Neo4j

Good Day Team, I'm trying to setup a proxy to our Neo4j which is running thru Docker via nginx on a Google Cloud CentOS 6 instance. Upon configuring the .conf file of nginx, we were able to redirect the web portal of our Neo4j in HTTPS. However when ...

Resolved! Neo4j docker in GitHub action

Hi all, I am trying to setup a neo4j service in a GitHub action. For now, the action yml contains: services: # Label used to access the service container neo4j: # Docker Hub image image: neo4j:latest env: ...

Estelle by Ninja
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Docker performance problems

Hi all, I currently have a very strange behavior with performance when running neo4j community as Docker. First of all, I am currently importing JSON data into a neo4j database using the program. Boodhound u...

Populate DB with script upon building docker image

Thanks for having a look at my topic I'm looking for some advice regarding best practices for populating a database upon initial build of a docker container. I have a docker-compose file that launches an instance of neo4j-4.2.0-community, alongside...