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Prashanth - Toronto, Canada

I'm a developer based in Toronto, Canada - I consider myself a beginner with Neo4j and Cypher right now, but am hoping to advance my knowledge to an intermediate level by learning from the community. I'd love to contribute back in any way I can too! ...

prrao by Node
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Community Introduction From Conrad Taylor

Hello everyone, I'm a software engineer that's originally from Chicago, Illinois. I have been developing software for several years and loving it. Also, I have interests in robotics, artificial intelligence, foreign languages, traveling, movies, and ...

Help on query

Hi All, I am learning the Neo4j. I am trying to run a query on Movie db Q> get the name of movies given a person name. can any one please help me. thank you

Hello Graphers!

Hello Graphers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use this topic post as an opportunity to tell the community about who you are! This content will be searchable through the site and also added to your profile, so if you want to be discover-able based on your interests, t...

Hi, Saiful from Indonesia

Hi, I'm Saiful from Indonesia, I joined the support and innovation team related to data utilization at a finance company. One of the things our team is currently working on is exploring the use of graph data models and databases. At the same time, I ...

Appreciating opportunity to introducing myself

I have "worn multiple hats" as a consultant (no, seriously--like a Homer Simpson-esque number of consultant roles--past titles include): [Senior] Analyst ( in {Configuration Management, Modeling and Simulation, Network, [Object-Oriented] Software, S...

Came for the vibe, stayed for the tech

Hi all, You can call me Chaka in here! I'm an entrepreneur that has chosen to use Neo4j in an app we're building. After many years and projects in SQL, I decided to visit one of the Neo4j events. I decided to visit it because I've always experienced ...

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