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How to find 1st degree, 2nd degree and so on ..

I want to find all the relationships of particular node which is directly connected to the node.for the 2nd degree I want to find all relationships to that node and also find all the relationships for their relationships node How to write query to fi...


Resolved! no relationship in database

Good morning experts, i can't see the relationship between my data, there is no error and it's mentioned no changes no records this is my code  CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:LIBELLEPDT) ASSERT is UNIQUE;CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:AssetClass) ASSERT c.nam...

Hajer by Node
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How to execute a graphgist query

Hello all, I am trying to create a GraphGist but i have the following problem.I can not execute the queries. I just see an loading icon than never returns the result of my query.My queries are correct because i execute them first locally.Thanks for y...

Graph dashboards & visualization tools

What graph BI & dashboarding tools are available / can you recommend? Assuming data is available inside Neo4j I already have experimented a lot with Neo4j Bloom and can tell you that I like it a lot. However, I need something which is easier or simpl...

Urgent: How to Downgrade Bloom

Hi, How do you downgrade Bloom from version 2.2 back to version 2.1? There is a bug in 2.2 that throws up a warning error dialog box that I don't want to need to explain to a client. I have a demo scheduled. Note: I am at 2.2.1 The 2.2.1 fixed the ...

Annoying Bloom Bug V2.2.0

Hi, With version 2.2.0, there came an annoying bug. When you clear the search box to enter a new phrase you get this error popping up. What is really irksome is that you cannot clear with a return, you need to mouse over and click ok. So you are goi...

Advice on tools for graph visualisation

Hi, im currently undergoing a graduation school project to create a software to simulate retina cells involving the use of neo4j, react, and java backend which is preety much ready with all the API requests. As part of this project we have to present...

Resolved! Is the Arrows tool down?

I was using Arrows last night and this morning it seems to have stopped working (tried different browsers, etc.). Is anyone else having issues?

mbandor by Graph Buddy
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Newbie looking for some advice for visualization

Hi, I'm pretty new to graph data and Neo4j. I love the simplicity and easy-of-use of the Neo4j Browser for visualization, but I need a bit more control over layer. For example, I need to visualize a graph of about 1,000 nodes and 4,000 relationships...

tkiely by Node
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GRASS file: How to insert a line feed

I'm displaying nodes with 3 properties using a grass file. Everything is displaying, but I'd like a line feed between the properties displayed in the caption to get uniformity. Since the text length varies, the wrapping is inconsistent. I've tried , ...

Copy selected nodes from bloom

Hi, I would like to highlight some nodes in Bloom and copy their ids for processing within a python script. The copy/paste from Bloom recreates the cypher query that created the selection including the relationships. Does anyone have some python cod...

How to style neovis.js popups with css

Hello Friends, Could anybody help me with neovis.js? I´m looking for accessing and changing the style of the popups created with neovis.js, but I can´t do it. I what to change the color and add some additional text. Thank you I don´t know if it possi...