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Symlinks for default file locations?

Hello! Can I use symlinks for directory located in another partition that points to the default file locations of my Neo4j installation? It is because I want to locate most of my Neo4j installation in a partition with more storage. I am deploying neo...

Not able to connect to public IP address

I am able to connect to the localhost:7474/browser but not via the public address. Please help with the below entries on neo4j.conf dbms.connectors.default_listen_address= dbms.connectors.default_advertised_address= dbms.conne...

How to reduce required storage key-names

I have a network with 6.5 Million Datapoints which I want to import from a CSV. All Datapoints will have the exact same structure, like you would expect from an SQL-DB with 6.5 Million rows.I have limited storage and I am not a fan of redundancy.From...

How to forward Neo4j http/bolt to ngrok?

I am running my large Ne04j database on a dedicated Mac OS machine. I would like to access the database (via browser or via python drivers) from other machines that I am working on. I tried to forward the http port using ngrok. However, when I try to...

Resolved! Neo4j JDBC connector for Oracle

Hi everyone, Does the jdbc connector that can be used to import data from Oracle to Neo4j, support any encryption or security? If yes, is it enabled by default or how it be enabled? Thank you in advance!!

What is "error code: 1003"?

I have encountered this response – "error code: 1003" – when querying a Neo4j instance (running Community 4.4.7, hosted in GCP) from a cloud function (in Cloudflare) using HTTP. The instance itself is up, I can curl it directly from outside of GCP, g...

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Using distributed computing to write to Neo4j

I have 3.2+ million nodes I want to write to neo4j and almost twice as many relationships. I am using Cypher sessions and batches to create these nodes and relationships but it is taking *a lot* of time. What I think would be a good solution is to di...

Resolved! Compatibility with Java 17

Hi all. I've started migrating our application to Java 17. Because our Maven build launches a community edition Neo4j server (using this plug-in), I would need Neo4j compatibility with Java 17 too.Are there plans for the next releases? The 4.4.8 is s...

Neo4j ports are not listening

hi all,I have build an ubuntu server and the URL https://neo4j_ip:7473 was working fine. We did couple of reboots of this server and stop/start the neo4j service to test the backups but the url is not working now.I have run the command: sudo netstat ...