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Resolved! Stored procedure

I have a simple doubt. Can't we write stored procedure in cypher itself and use it like other SQL databases? Is using Java the only option we have?? 

suvi by Node Link
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Resolved! A probable error while using LOAD CSV

I'm running a community edition 4.4.7I'm importing some data using `LOAD CSV`.The functions ``linenumber()` and `file()` runs only outside ``  but return `null` if used inside.The following statement doesn't run:   call IS ...

NLP Knowledge Graph Tutorial

I'm going through the tutorial at Tutorial: Build a Knowledge Graph using NLP and Ontologies - Developer Guides Once I get to slide 15 I'm getting a no changes, no records. Possibly something to do with HAS_ENTITY? Any help appreciated thanks: MATCH ...

aduron by Node
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Resolved! Import of OWL File Leaves Nodes Without a Label

I am using Neo4j Community version 4 and am trying to import an ontology (.owl file).  I followed the steps below and the data imports, but when I look at the nodes created in the Neo4j Browser, none of them have labels on them.  They are all blank. ...

Resolved! How to modify the existed apoc.trigger?

Everytime I modify the trigger,I have to remove the existed apoc.trigger and add a new one... It's little bored and troublesome to do this repeatable prosedure Is there any way to modify the old one or by any other easier way to do that? It bothers m...

Apoc.periodic.repeat with node similarity

Hi, I'm trying to use apoc.periodic.repeat to recalculate the similarity score everyday, but it doesn't seem to be working. My code works when I don't throw it in apoc though. Could this be due to an incompatibility issue with apoc and the GDS librar...

hlow by Node Link
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Natural sort algorithm

Hi everyone I have a lot of text nodes and I am traying to create an API that return the data sorted in natural order. The data looks like this: "Article 1", "Article 2", "Article 3",...,"Article 10",...,"Article 100" And With ORDER BY and apoc.coll....