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Computed Property from JWT e.g. tid

Hi,I am using GraphQL library for Neo4j.How can I define a property on a type (e.g. tenantId: String!) which will take its value from the 'tid' property of the jwt auth token?I currently use a '@bind' on the $jwt.sub but ideally, the 'tenantId' field...

How deletes work in Neo4j

Neo4j uses logical deletes to delete from the database to achieve maximum performance and scalability. To understand how this might appear to an operator of the database, lets take a simple case of loading data into Neo4j. When you start loading data...

Using distributed computing to write to Neo4j

I have 3.2+ million nodes I want to write to neo4j and almost twice as many relationships. I am using Cypher sessions and batches to create these nodes and relationships but it is taking *a lot* of time. What I think would be a good solution is to di...

DB stuck in offline state, can't get it to start

Hello, I'm using Neo4j Desktop 4.4.3.Created a DB  and work with it for a while without any problem.Yesterday, I started copying that DB into a new one, using the "neo4j-admin copy" shell command. While doing the copy, I had to stop my source DB (Neo...

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Resolved! Upgrade of DB never completes

Hi, I am trying to resolve an issue with upgrading GDS to version 2.1  I have a database with version 4.4.5 which should be compatible but is not showing so.  In the past I have had to upgrade the database version for the latest version of GDS to sho...

Error after running heavy query

Hi,Running this query:   Match (n:company)<-[:Assigned_to]-(a:patent)-[r:Cites]->(d:patent)-[:Assigned_to]->(n) where exists {(a)-[:Cites*2..4]->(d)} set r.inherited =true  Which is known to be heavy.  After several hours of running, I got this error...


Modeling and querying package dependency trees

Dear Community,we are Connor and Daniel, Software Engineers at Anaconda, and we are currently looking at neo4j to represent our package meta data to answer questions like:What packages are available for python X on platform Y but not on platform Z?Wh...

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Neo4j PID File Location

Hello, I'm using Neo4j Causal Cluster consists of 3 core servers. Details of the cluster: Neo4j Version: Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.6 OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS As per the Neo4j Doc File locations, the PID file should locate inside /var/lib/neo4j/run. But ther...

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GC logging issues

Hi, I tried to enable GC logging but no gc.log files are created. dbms.logs.gc.enabled=true, and restarted the server so the parameter is in use. I am using neo4j 3.5.22 enterprise edition (startup) on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (ID_like=debian), 3 node clus...

Performance with DB growth?

I'm working with a DBMS which currently contains about 7M nodes and 12M relationships. The job which adds a day's data started out running about 17 minutes. It has indexes on all the major properties involved in MATCH and MERGE operations. Over a cou...