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Changing Relationship label

Hi, is there a way in bloom that I can change the label of a relationship? For example, in Neo4j Browser I can change the label by assigning it a property. In Bloom I can't find the equivalent . Screen shot from Neo4j Browser Screen shot from Bloom ...

rbonazzo by Node Link
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Using Bloom via a local web page

This question is for my personal development on my own desktop. I already installed Neo4j. I know how to and do use Bloom through the Desktop Browser. I need to know how to invoke Bloom through a hyperlink in a webpage (through an HTML file running o...

Bloom stuck on loading screen for graph on AuraDB

Hi, I am trying to open a graph which I am remotely accessing (it is not local to my computer) using Bloom, but it gets stuck on the blue flower loading page. My teammate has uploaded their graph onto AuraDB, but I'm unsure of how to access it using ...

ngordy by Node
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Bypass 10000 node limit in Bloom / Neo4j Desktop

Hey, I have some data that has quite a bit more than 10000 nodes and would like to display a certain relationship in full to get the full picture Unfortunately Bloom limits the nodes to 10'000 max. I am aware that this is done for performance reason ...

Tommy by Node
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How can I manage users on Bloom?

Hi, I'm using now Neo4j Bloom on Desktop. I thought that as long as I set the user authentication in the Browser, it would be reflected in Bloom. But it is not correct. How to set the user authentication? For example, User A have admin role so he can...

Neo4j Bloom Graph Pattern search very slows

I have a Neo4j 4.1 DB with 200 nodes (just for demo purposes). The nodes can either be grouped by 5 distinct groups or 50. When I use 5 labels almost equally distributed over the 200 nodes Neo4j Bloom runs smoothly. When I use 50 labels mostly equall...

Bloom does not start up

Hello Neos, I would like to run Bloom (1.8.1.) in Neo4j Desktop ( But when I open the DB in Bloom I see a turning blue flower for minutes and Bloom does not start up. Maybe it has got something to do, that we run our DB on Aura? THX, JJJ

janezic by Graph Voyager
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Please Help me. I have three problem . first ! How do I run bloom and apoc together in docker?

제가 겪고있는 문제는 3가지 정도 될 것 같습니다. 도커로 neo4j를 실행할 때 apoc과 bloom을 함께 실행하려면 어떻게 해야되나요? 사진을 보시면 bloom의 인증문제가 있습니다. 어떻게 로그인하고 인증받아야 하나요? 스크립트를 만들어야 하는데 어떻게 만들지 모르겠습니다. 나중에 배치처리를 위해 스크립트로 작성할 필요가 있습니다. shell script로 작성하는 방법을 알려주세요. [Google Translate] The ...

Neo4j Bloom not showing Virtual Nodes properly

Hi Team, I want to use Virtual Nodes in Bloom. I have a very basic vnode statement that works in the Neo4j browser but not in bloom. This very simple query... CALL apoc.create.vNode(["CG"],{GP:"Hello"}) Yield node as a RETURN * ...wlll show the labe...

rleyba by Node
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