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Resolved! The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified

I'm getting an error "The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified" on our neo4j bloom server instance. I'm wondering if there's a specific port or something that's required to be open on our server so the license key can be validated? I have ...

bryant by Node Clone
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Bloom does not update with new labels, relations

I have a db that was working/showing fine in Bloom a few weeks ago. Then I made a bunch of changes to nodes, relations, etc in same graph. Everything fine in Browser. I had not looked at Bloom view in a while. But now, looking at it in Bloom, Bloom s...

Resolved! Neo4J (Desktop) Bloom in a Browser?

Hi, I installed the Desktop App but cannot find a way to open Neo4J Bloom in a browser via a URL. Is there a way? I can only call localhost:7474 but it opens only Neo4J Browser, and not Bloom. Thank you all

Possible to Save Visualization State and Reopen?

Is it possible and I'm just glossing over that functionality somehow? If not, any products you guys would recommend with the rough functionality of Bloom + this feature. This is one of the only things holding me back from using or recommending the pr...

tj_a by Node Link
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Bloom Browser Plugin License

Hello all, Initial situation: Neo4j Startup Program LicenseOn-Premise hosted Neo4j instance What is my goal? I would like to install Bloom browser plugin in our self-hosted Neo4j enterprise edition. For this, I need an additional Bloom license. What ...

till by Node
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Bloom install on Neo4j on AKS is not working

We have the Neo4j causal cluster installation on AKS running 3 core and 1 read replica. The browser access is done from an internal load balancer and everything is working fine. The problem is with the Bloom install. So we followed the Neo4j document...

Neo4j Bloom is not compatible with Neo4j Bloom Server (App version: 1.3.1, Server version: 1.3.0). Please contact your system administrator

Bloom! Just got Bloom working with the Neo4j Server using Neo4j 1.2.7, and then some users needed to upgrade their Neo4j Desktop and now find a problem with Neo4j Desktop 1.2.8 - error as in the topic line when Neo4j Bloom loads. Those who have 1.2.7...