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Resolved! Bloom scene sharing without full write access?

Hi all, My team uses Bloom to access our graph, and I frequently share scenes with them to communicate key results. I would like them to be able to create and share scenes between themselves, but I can't figure out a way to allow that without full WR...

The Neo4j Bloom Server plugin is missing. A licensed plugin is required for remote graphs. Please contact your system administrator or your Neo4j representative

I am assisting a customer who is using startup licences (Enterprise, Desktop and Bloom). I have been using Bloom fine against a remote server for about 6 months. Customer recently installed a new version of the Neo4j Desktop -Version 1.2.7 (

Display relationship properties on graph

Hi I have a relationship type "IS_SHAREHOLDER_OF" with the property "votingRightsPercentage". I would like to display this property on the label of the relationship arrow in the graph. Is it possible? If yes, how?

fuda87 by Node
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Want to share (embed) Neo4j Bloom on web site

I'm hoping for embedding Neo4j Bloom on web site. In other words, I want to share the bloom visualization externally without user login. It's very interesting that the strong bloom interface is provided on web pages. For example, visualizing and publ...

Chemical structure from nodes

Hi all I have a graph with nodes containing chemical compound with several descriptors (structural, smiles, Inchi keys, link to structural database). I would like to have a chemical structure display with a "mouse on" on the node. Is something easily...

Cannot access bloom remotely

Dear all, We have the startup license. It works locally, but if we try to access remotely, this happens: The Neo4j Bloom Server plugin is missing. A licensed plugin is required for remote graphs. Please contact your system administrator or your Neo4j...

Help with Neo4j Bloom Touchscreen Navigation

I would like to be able to navigate Neo4j Bloom on a touchscreen.  Controls generally work for me but some important pieces are missing.  Does anyone have an idea on how one could change the configuration settings to allow for: 1) One-finger dragging...

Neo4j Bloom assigning rules

Is there a way to set access in Bloom. Like restricting the access of what certain people can do, for instance denying the access of editing the nodes from Bloom. And if there's any Version control method, like if someone adds or edits or removes som...

Unable to see tooltips in bloom

Started facing this issue since yesterday, earlier I used to see include,exclude and caption option in bloom (categories) but now I am only able to see exclude. Also, on hovering over nodes I am unable to see any tooltips. Kindly help.

Bloom scene new nodes

Suppose a scene has an existing node with existing relations found upon expanding. When I search a new node, the nodes already present on the scene do not automatically link up with the new node. How to do this?If this is not possible, any other way ...

is4761 by Node
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Resolved! The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified

I'm getting an error "The Neo4j Bloom Server license couldn't be verified" on our neo4j bloom server instance. I'm wondering if there's a specific port or something that's required to be open on our server so the license key can be validated? I have ...

bryant by Node Clone
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