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searching using 'or' on entities

hello, I am a Neo4j newbie. I have a Neo4j graph with 3 entities: Person, FirstName, Postcode - they are related to each other as follows: Person -> [:HasFirstName] -> FirstName Person -> [:HasPostcode] -> PostcodeI have a person in the database: Tom...

rc by Node Clone
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Resolved! Stored procedure

I have a simple doubt. Can't we write stored procedure in cypher itself and use it like other SQL databases? Is using Java the only option we have?? 

suvi by Node Link
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neo4j-harness scala version clash

I am using neo4j-harness 4.4.7 with maven, which internally uses Scala 2.12.I am also using spring-kafka-test, which internally uses Scala 2.13.Maven is picking 2.13 by default, meaning I get ClassNotFoundExceptions on my tests using neo4j-harness. I...

Graph deletion starting from root

I have a graph as shown below:   S1/.        \ss1    ss2/     \. /.    \     ss3 ss4 ss5 I want to start from the root node and then check the count of incoming and outgoing relation, if incoming = 0 and outgoing != 0 , then delete the node and relat...

SSL config with helm installation

Hello!I'm currently trying to setup a standalone instance ofe neo4j in my Kubernetes cluster.I tried the following things:I set up cert-manager and got a tls certificate (secret) via letsencrypt. Named: neo4j-tlsSecret looks like: kind: Secret apiVer...

A proposal for comparing durations

The Cypher 4.0 manual says that "Duration values cannot be compared, since the length of a day , month or year is not known without knowing which day , month or year it is". While this is strictly speaking true, I don't think this is a practical issu...

Resolved! Migrate data from 3.5.1 Community to 4.0.0 Community

Howdy, Not sure if this is the right place to post or if this has been answered elsewhere, please point me in the right direction. I've been using Neo4j 3.5.1 Community and would like to migrate my data into Neo4j Community 4.0.0. If there is clear d...

keithave by Node Clone
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