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Resolved! Best way to create timeline from events?

Hi community!I have a requirement to build a timeline-like series of events based on timestamps. Currently our model has events, users, and other characteristics associated to the event, including the date and time of the event. There's quite a few e...

Intermittent issue in query execution time

Hi All,We are using a Neo4j Cluster in 4 core servers hosted in AWS EC2. The Neo4j version installed is "Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.6". We currently have a query that takes an average time of execution of less than 5ms. But sometimes it gives an execution ...

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Resolved! create unique node

hello im trying create node with 1 unique property called name so i try create something like thisCREATE CONSTRAINT ON (n:words) assert is uniqueand after thatcreate (n:words{name:"test"})so my problem is i dont want to be case sensitive i mea...

How to find 1st degree, 2nd degree and so on ..

I want to find all the relationships of particular node which is directly connected to the node.for the 2nd degree I want to find all relationships to that node and also find all the relationships for their relationships node How to write query to fi...


Resolved! create relationships from csv with distinct node

Hello,  I have a CSV file as below:     node01,relationship,node02 A_01,B_dependency,B_01 A_02,B_dependency,B_02 A_03,A_dependency,A_01 A_03,A_dependency,A_02 A_04,B_dependency,B_04     I hope the graphe like below: 001               My cypher code :...

001.png 002.png

Using distributed computing to write to Neo4j

I have 3.2+ million nodes I want to write to neo4j and almost twice as many relationships. I am using Cypher sessions and batches to create these nodes and relationships but it is taking *a lot* of time. What I think would be a good solution is to di...

Resolved! how to find relationships with distinct node

I have write this query (I'm using Movie DBMS)     MATCH (p) WITH labels(p) as label, count(*) as nCount with collect({label:label, count: nCount}) as nodes call{ MATCH ()-[relationship]->() with type(relationship) as r, COUNT(relationship) as rCount...

Resolved! Upgrade of DB never completes

Hi, I am trying to resolve an issue with upgrading GDS to version 2.1  I have a database with version 4.4.5 which should be compatible but is not showing so.  In the past I have had to upgrade the database version for the latest version of GDS to sho...

Neo4j data record does not return anything

The reason for running this query is to retrieve all the records of the Crime nodes connected to junctions. But, upon execution of the query - no output was obtained : which forces me to conclude that for that junction id, there are no crime nodes th...


Flight with engine usage cost

Hi guys,I’m looking into doing a business case for a friend and found Neo4J. Not sure if I can do what I need.Basically the idea is to optimize the usage of plane engines.So we have a flight schedule that need to be performed. But using a specific pl...