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Modeling complex attributes

In a project, I need to keep track of complex attributes of things, composed of (at least) a value and a unit, or even a value, a unit (like '10 mm'), allowed tolerances, min and max values etc. What are the experiences in the community with using ei...

Intermittent issue in query execution time

Hi All,We are using a Neo4j Cluster in 4 core servers hosted in AWS EC2. The Neo4j version installed is "Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.6". We currently have a query that takes an average time of execution of less than 5ms. But sometimes it gives an execution ...

Yasith by Node Link
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Resolved! Designing a database

Hi everyone I'm Alain and new here. I started to learn Neo4j and this database is really awesome. I think it would fit for the project I'm starting to work on. The project consists in creating a deckbuilder for a new TCG (trading card game) and I nee...

Neo4J base model file similar to RDF TTL?

Hi, I have previous experience with RDF graph databases and looking to start using Neo4J, but am a little confused how modeling works.In RDF, you can write a TTL (TURTLE) file in a language like SPARQL that defines your model's relationships. Is ther...

dk0451 by Node
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Resolved! no relationship in database

Good morning experts, i can't see the relationship between my data, there is no error and it's mentioned no changes no records this is my code  CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:LIBELLEPDT) ASSERT is UNIQUE;CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:AssetClass) ASSERT c.nam...

Hajer by Node
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How to execute a graphgist query

Hello all, I am trying to create a GraphGist but i have the following problem.I can not execute the queries. I just see an loading icon than never returns the result of my query.My queries are correct because i execute them first locally.Thanks for y...

Storing potentially large nodes in Neo4j

Hello everyone, This is my first post on the Neo4j Community Forum so I apologize if it in any way violates the rules and standards of the forum. I will update my topic if any violation is pointed out. Currently, my team is considering using Neo4j fo...

Using Node property vs Node & Relationship

Hi All , I know this topic that already discussed but i could not come with final conclusion from all the discussions i saw. My use case : I have a knowledge base graph with User Nodes & Details Nodes ( name , address, ip etc..) on each relation i h...

Data modeling of organization Data

Hey Everyone. I am building my first production project that is going to use Neo4j. I am trying to model the organization Data. Things I care about are: noticing a change in the data... For example, the employee performance score, or marital status c...

shahar by Node Link
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