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Offline mode in Neo4j Desktop 1.4.7

Hi, I am unable to find a setting in Neo4j Desktop 1.4.7 for offline mode on Windows. I work in a semi-closed environment that has strict firewall rules for external access by applications - which means some HTTP requests are ok and others are not. N...

matt8 by Node
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Neo4j not able to locate PowerShell error

Hello, I have PowerShell installed and updated on my machine. I also went and manually updated the environment variables path and still have had no luck. Are there any other things I could be trying? Thanks, Adam

Neo4j service did not start (windows)

Hi. I've been using neo4j 3.5.7 as windows service. But time for upgrade came and I've unpacked new version 4.1.3 (to different directory), uninstalled old service and installed new with "neo4j uninstall-service" and "neo4j install-service". But when...

Symlinks for default file locations?

Hello! Can I use symlinks for directory located in another partition that points to the default file locations of my Neo4j installation? It is because I want to locate most of my Neo4j installation in a partition with more storage. I am deploying neo...

Resolved! How to access Neo4j Ops Manager Home page?

Hi! Basically that, I have arrived to the point to register a NOM Agent for monitoring, but I'm unable to see in which port/address should Ops Manager be accessed. I have tried ports 8080 and 9090 on my Ops manager server address, unsuccessfully. I h...

Resolved! Install Neo4j cluster in managed Kuberenetes

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has installed the neo4j cluster in a server with managed kubernetes and had to deal with a proxy problem while trying to install helm? The idea behind is that when I need to access the kubernetes cluster/server ...

Resolved! Upgrade of DB never completes

Hi, I am trying to resolve an issue with upgrading GDS to version 2.1  I have a database with version 4.4.5 which should be compatible but is not showing so.  In the past I have had to upgrade the database version for the latest version of GDS to sho...

Resolved! Compatibility with Java 17

Hi all. I've started migrating our application to Java 17. Because our Maven build launches a community edition Neo4j server (using this plug-in), I would need Neo4j compatibility with Java 17 too.Are there plans for the next releases? The 4.4.8 is s...

Neo4j ports are not listening

hi all,I have build an ubuntu server and the URL https://neo4j_ip:7473 was working fine. We did couple of reboots of this server and stop/start the neo4j service to test the backups but the url is not working now.I have run the command: sudo netstat ...