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Database uploaded but not able to work on that

Respected; Hope you are fine and doing well. Actually, when I created a database in CSV file then I can do the things that I want in Neo4j. But when uploading a dataset in Neo4j related to the video violence dataset(available: GitHub - airtlab/A-Data...

Importing a OWL file to Neo4j

Dear Neo4J community, I am very new to Neo4j and have been learning about to use it. I want to try it out with an ontologies file that I have access to. The ontologie file is a .owl Can someone please tell me how this can be done? Again, I am a begin...

matt8mb by Node Link
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Loading in millions of nodes

Hi everyone, I'm trying to load in a large dataset with about 6 million rows. on each row, I want to create 3000 relationships to other nodes. At first, I tried to run each connection 1 by 1 but this took a long time so I try to merge all 3000 relati...

Resolved! Error inserting data from JDBC

Hello everyone, I am trying to load data from oracle while using jdbc connector to neo4j with the following statement: CALL apoc.periodic.iterate( "cypher runtime=slotted CALL apoc.load.jdbc('jdbc:oracle:thin:@connection_url', 'Select * from database...

Resolved! Neo4j admin import functionality

I am currently using Neo4j Community version 4.3.4. I am using apoc.import.json api to import the bulk data to the neo4j database. However, due to performance issues, I am trying to use neo4j admin import which is said to be very performance efficien...

Neo4j and JSON forms

Hello!! I want to know if there is any graph application or method to export data from the Neo4j database and obtain a JSON schema like the one shown in the following link. JSON EDITOR And obviously, if there is any way to get the data generated as J...

How to restore backup data for Openshift Neo4j?

Hi I'm new for the Neo4j, and put it in the Openshift server, it works fine. Now I want to backup and restore it, hit the problem that I have to stop neo4j server to restore, but the entrypoint is to start neo4j by default in the Openshift pod/contai...

bobyin by Node
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Google Firestore to Neo4j

Our open source initiative is populating a Google Firestore from an XML data source. Afterwards we'd like to program a way to setup a Neo4j database and synchronize the data across the two databases. Mainly we just want to see how the data transfer a...

brent1 by Node Link
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Loading .pdf or .doc content into Neo4j

Can someone share best practices for loading contents from pdf or .doc files into neo4j? I would like to create relationships based on specific words found in the files' content. I have hundreds of files, so manually converting each to csv is not an ...

pa0lo by Node Link
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