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Cannot display my graph in Gephi

I just installed Gephi to work on it . When I tried a test in Neo4j , I uploaded it successfully in Gephi . Now I wanted to upload my nodes that I have in my project from neo4j to Gephi and I followed the same steps and I am using this query : match ...

Missing header of type START_ID

I keep getting this error trying to import nodes and edges. org.neo4j.unsafe.impl.batchimport.input.MissingHeaderException: Missing header of type START_ID, among entries [] at org.neo4j.unsafe.impl.batchimport.input.csv.DataFactories$AbstractDefault...

Create 1 node for use during CSV loading

Simply put, I have a Spark job that's run, the output of which is a CSV. Currently, I load this CSV into Neo4j without problems. But, I'd like to do one more step: add a single node representing information about the job run to the graph that will li...

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Data type on import

For neo4j-admin import, if I have a header file that looks like this: userid:ID,zipcode:int Is there any way I can cast my userID as long? Perhaps in the relationship file? Something like this :START_ID:long, :END_ID:long The userIDs are rather lengt...

Neo4j-admin import with some missing values

In a CSV file I'm loading into Neo4j, a float type column has numbers in some rows, and "NA" in some other rows. This of course results in an error when importing: "Not a number". I would still like to import this, but with the float stored as a NaN,...

Spaxe by Node
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Resolved! Neo4j-admin import with HDFS

I am trying to import data into neo4j from HDFS. I was wondering if this is possible since I keep getting an error that the directory doesn't exist. neo4j-admin import --nodes:Person "hdfs://........."

Resolved! Neo4j-import admin programmatically

trying to use neo4j-admin import directly from my java program (no command line action). Is there a recommended way to go about this? Want to throw out old data and import new data on a weekly basis.

Building daily new graph

We have implemented the following: We want to create a fresh graph every day. But we want to keep the previous version as well. What we are doing is we split to CSV files the whole data and we do LOAD CSV. After the individual CSV was loaded - we del...

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How Connect columns in CSV files

Hi, lately I have a issue which I couldn't connect a column from my first CSV import file through a second one to the a column in the 3th CSV file, What I mean is I have 3 CSV files, in first one a list of books and information about them in second o...