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Unable to import json file with apoc.import.json

Please keep the following things in mind: Hi all, I'm trying to rum a GDS algorithm on part of my Neo4j DB. I understand that the best way to do it is to export and import this part to another instance. I have successfully exported it (using apoc.exp...

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Neo4j Import tools slow ingestion

I am trying to ingest large data (around a billion nodes and relations) using the neo4j import tool but the ingestion gradually slows down with time. It quickly ingests the first 100 million nodes after which it becomes increasingly slow. I've found ...

Load-CSV very slow with millions of nodes

Dear Community, We are creating a knowledge graph using data processed through Spark. Spark output includes a number of CSV files that were formatted to load in neo4j for the various nodes and relationships required. We have a large number of files f...

Neo4j-admin indexes

In 4.x versions of neo4j , we were wondering if there is a way to do index creation offline. We were using CSV import using neo4j-admin, and as a post step we need indexes on some attributes and edges. Is that possible to do using Neo4j-admin or do w...

How to import an rdf file to neo4j

Iam new to neo4j .Iam in the learning stage.Can you please guide me how to import an rdf file to neo4j .I have already gone through the manual of importing rdf and importing ontologies .Iam importing the rdf files from dbpedia and Iam giving the URL ...

Auto-create properties from json/REST api?

Is it possible for neo4j to "auto create" node properties from a JSON/REST endpoint? For example, I can hit a uri and see the resulting JSON. I want to create a node based on one of the key value pairs, which is easy enough. Now there may be 20-30 mo...

Explanation on data upload process

Hi I imported 465 triples into my graph database using Neosemantics app. It took 210ms to complete the job. I then imported 945 triples into the same graph database and it took 78ms. My understanding was as number of triples increase the time taken t...

How to map mongodb data to neo4j

The project I am working on is planning to implement a new feature that is recommending products to the users(which are sellers in our case) based on their search and the stock they have. Currently, we are using MongoDB as database. To make the predi...

Architecture to export data from Neo4j to MongoDB

Hi all, I need to know what is the best way to send the change to Mongodb when there is a change in Neo4j. Because if I use the Neo4j Streams CDC to send the change to Mongo, in between I have to do a process that transforms these events to MongoDB f...