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Failure to import on neo4j 3.5.28 on RHEL 8

Hello, I have a fresh installation of neo4j 3.5.28 on a fresh RHEL 8 server, and am running into the following issue when I try to import my database: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no zstd-jni in java.library.path Unsuppo...

Local rdf file import error

Dear All: I'm learning rdf import from Importing RDF Data - Neosemantics , when I use: CALL n10s.rdf.import.fetch("","Turtle"); --it's OK,but I download and import "

joylix by Node
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Neo4j-admin import Java problem, Windows 10

I have an old Windows 10 machine that is getting flaky, so I got a new one, and I am having trouble running neo4j-admin on it. I can bring up the Neo4j browser just fine, but I am having issues using neo4j-admin to do an import. I have no problems ...

How to _import_ an adjacency matrix

This is an absolute newbie question. I am familiar with the adjacency matrix representation of a graph aka excel spreadsheet (can be made into a CSV file) with rows (nodes) and columns (weight of connection between the appropriate indexed nodes). All...

Load JSON data from URL with Aura DB service?

Hello, I'm attempting to load data into a managed Neo4j AuraDB instance. As per this guide, [Data Import with Neo4j AuraDB - Developer Guides](https://Aura data import), some of the standard import options are limited on Aura. However, the article su...

Resolved! Slow Kafka-Neo4j sink

Hi everyone, I have the following situation. I am sinking data from Kafka to Neo4j using the Kafka connector Neo4j connector. I have 44 topics from which I should read from and some of the topics are intersecting with each other, which means that dur...

Save cypher-shell or neo4j command-line output to CSV

I have a query that returns many rows and want to save results in comma- or tab-delimited format for easy ingestion outside neo4j. Current approach is to feed query to cypher-shell and save output to file: cat myfile.cql | cypher-shell -u user -p pas...

hbowers by Node Link
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