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Resolved! Slow Kafka-Neo4j sink

Hi everyone, I have the following situation. I am sinking data from Kafka to Neo4j using the Kafka connector Neo4j connector. I have 44 topics from which I should read from and some of the topics are intersecting with each other, which means that dur...

Save cypher-shell or neo4j command-line output to CSV

I have a query that returns many rows and want to save results in comma- or tab-delimited format for easy ingestion outside neo4j. Current approach is to feed query to cypher-shell and save output to file: cat myfile.cql | cypher-shell -u user -p pas...

hbowers by Node Link
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Export GraphDB data into RDB

Hello everyone, I am currently checking if there is a way to export data in Neo4j into RDB. I know Neo4j has a function to connect and import RDB called "remote connection", however, is it possible to export data into RDB? I plan to use Azure environ...

Best practices for importing multiple xml files

Newbie here. I need to import multiple xml files into Neo4j. Each file represents an entity, let's call it a Thing. The outer element is Things, so each file looks approximately like <Things> <Thing ....> ... </Thing> </Things> I can import ...

Invalid number of relationship groups

Hi there I was using the neo4j-admin import tool then I got this error: Invalid number of relationship groups First, what is a relationship group in Neo4j? We can find this name in the neo4j operation manuel store format section as a store format lim...

Resolved! Importing relationship properties

Hi, how to import relationship properties (Relationships - Neo4j GraphQL Library) from Excel ? In the example the relationships has no properties: Neo4j Admin import - Operations Manual Thanks, Michel

Michel by Node Link
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Fastest bulk merge via py2neo

Hello Community! I'm exploring the features neo4j several months. I use dockerized Neo4j comunity version: Browser version: [4.2.6], Server version: [4.1.9] and py2neo==2021.2.3. There is a problem in importing a large number of data, about 100-500k ...

Resolved! Building relationship among a list of codes

Hi I have a dataset consisting of two csv files. The first csv is a list of codes and their description. Example: 1, A 2, B 3, C The second CSV, contains a list of related codes. Example 1, 2 1, 1 2, 3 The code may be related to themselves or to oth...

Not able to import OWL file

neo4j desktop version 4.0.1 I tried to the following procedure: CALL semantics.importRDF("","Turtle") I got the following error: Neo.ClientError.Procedure.ProcedureNotFou...

satish by Node
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