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create relationships from csv with distinct node

Hello, I have a CSV file as below:node01,relationship,node02 A_01,B_dependency,B_01 A_02,B_dependency,B_02 A_03,A_dependency,A_01 A_03,A_dependency,A_02 A_04,B_dependency,B_04I hope the graphe like below:001       My cypher code :  :auto USING PERIOD...

001.png 002.png

neo4j-import doesn't work with long line

Hi communityThis post is mostly intended for devellopersI was using the neo4j-admin import tool and came across this errorWeird input data, no newline character in the whole buffer 4194304, not supported a.t.mAs I understood it, neo4j-import cannot s...

How to import Cypher script into Neo4j AuraDB

Hello,  I am just starting to use neo4j AuraDB, and I didn't find where I can import Cypher script. I tried the apoc.cypher.runFile suggested in this link, but unfortunately I got the error saying that "There is no procedure 'apoc.cypher.runFile' not...

yuxin by Node
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How to reduce required storage key-names

I have a network with 6.5 Million Datapoints which I want to import from a CSV. All Datapoints will have the exact same structure, like you would expect from an SQL-DB with 6.5 Million rows.I have limited storage and I am not a fan of redundancy.From...

Using distributed computing to write to Neo4j

I have 3.2+ million nodes I want to write to neo4j and almost twice as many relationships. I am using Cypher sessions and batches to create these nodes and relationships but it is taking *a lot* of time. What I think would be a good solution is to di...

neo4j-admin import relative folders on windows

Hello,Question: for admin import, how can i use a different import folder than the default import folder, on versions later than 4.2.x? Preferrably relative folders rather than absolute foldersBackground:For my project, i have been using a pipeline t...

Resolved! Unique Nodes loaded from CSV file

I have the following simple Cypher script:LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM "file:///test.csv" AS row FIELDTERMINATOR ';'merge (n:Subject {code: row.NodeA})merge (m:Object {code: row.NodeB})merge (r:Relation {code: row.Relation})MERGE (n)-[:TO]->(r)merge (r...

Automate and record Neo4j loading time

Dear all,I am working on testing the DB loading time for different graph schemas and each need to run 30 times. I want to automate the database drop and creation and load from neo4j-admin process, but I'm not sure how to get the neo4j-admin running r...

Resolved! Stored procedure

I have a simple doubt. Can't we write stored procedure in cypher itself and use it like other SQL databases? Is using Java the only option we have?? 

suvi by Node Link
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Share favorites in Neo4j Aura

Hi, how is it possible to import Favorites-Cypher Queries back to Aura? Is there also a possibility to share them directly also with other users? I have found, that the Favorites-Cypher Queries are just stored in the cache of the browser. Will there ...

How to LOAD CSV with a a password protected file

Hello, I'm trying to load a CSV that was published via our company's OneDrive into our Neo4j Aura DB. So I get an HTTPS URL. Because we do not want that the file is public on the internet, we also set a password. Is it possible to attach the password...