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CollapsePath, multiple paths to one type

Hi, I am using the collapsePath functionality to create specialised subgraphs. There is a case when many paths map to a single mutateRelationshipType. For example I would like to do something like: CALL gds.alpha.collapsePath.mutate( 'jscgocw...

How to implement propagation algorithms

I need to implement a custom propagation algorithm that starts from a given node and visits its neighbors and update their properties accordingly based on the previous node properties. Example use case is, a quality flag that changed in a given node ...

dzlabs by Node Link
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Calling gds.pagerank.write for a nodequery

I am a newbie. I am a faculty and NWU and we have a StreamingAnalytics course where we walk students through a couple lessons on Neo4J. We have a retail example that we use to walk students through links, relationships. One of the exercises uses gds....

Project graph inspection

Hi, Is there any method for inspecting the output of GDS projections (within the community edition where querying projection graphs isn't possible)? So I am attempting to use gds.graph.list(). The underlying metadata regarding the graph seems very in...

Eigenvector centrality failing

Hello! I just started my journey with neo4j. In one of my tasks I was supposed to run the eigenvector centrality algorithm however that process failed. There seems to be a problem with the size of the number, i.e. the amount of decimals (screenshot o...

Export of algorithms's scores

Hello! I am wondering if there is a way to export algorithm's scores to csv from the cypher shell. I know there is a way to do it via neo4j Desktop but I am working with huge data and I need to run the algorithm on the cypher shell since it is faster...

Random walk runs forever with sourceNodes parameter

I am running the random walk algorithm on my graph with just 4 nodes and 8 edges as a test. When I don't specify the sourceNodes parameter, everything is fine and I get walks from all the nodes. Here is my code: CALL 'exam...

kasthuri by Node Clone
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Node Similarity Algorithm (Jaccard) inconsistent scores

Hi, I have the following graph visualization and I don't understand why the scores are not the same. Let's assume that all 3 nodes (A, B, C) have an outgoing HAS relationship with american and casual ONLY. It makes sense to me that nodes A and B woul...

hlow by Node Link
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Find node similarity for all possible pairs

How do I get all possible combination of pairs nodeSimilarity? In my graph I have 4893 persons and I am computing nodeSimilarity using a weighted graph. All possible, distinct pairs, from my list should yield about 11968278 pairs of nodes + a score f...

sa_jr by Node
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Resolved! Check existence graph projection

Hello, I would like to check if a graph projection exists and if yes, drop it. Here is the code tried without success: </>CALL gds.graph.list() YIELD graphName WITH graphName AS graph CALL gds.graph.drop(graph) YIELD graphName RETURN graphName</> Neo...