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The error of the Connected Components algorithm

I have some problems when using the Connected Components algorithm: Enter the example in the official website -> cypherCALL'User', 'FRIEND', {}) YIELD nodeId, setId RETURN algo.asNode(nodeId).id AS user, setId.Display ERROR:Neo...

Syntax Error

Syntax Error at ORDER BY clause -> 5.7.4. Weighted Degree Centrality algorithm sample CALL"User", "FOLLOWS", {direction: "incom...

Jaccard algorithm returns no records

I am using Neo4j Desktop 1.1.20, Neo4j 3.5.2, Graph algorithms I am following along with the documentation for streaming jaccard similarities and keep getting no results. Cypher: </> WITH [ {item: 0, categories: [30633,30648,30630]}, {item: ...

Resolved! Union find deadlock

Hi, I tried running the union find algorithm on my graph, but it seems to have hit a deadlock. It's been running for 12+ hours but the server shows no CPU usage or I/O. I suspect the issue is related to the size of my graph. It has 650 million nodes,...

stetra by Node
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Graph Matching Algorithms

Hi all together, Neo4j has been on my "needs a second look" list for quite a while, I finally thought I found a toy project, which might be a good fit. However as I looked for graph algorithms, implemented in Neo4j I couldn't find any for my problem....

tilois by Node
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What does PageRank coefficient mean?

Hello, I would like to understand the interpretation that I should give to the pageRank coefficient I get from neo4j. For instance, in the example you show on your webpage, the HOME node has a coefficient of 3.23. How should I interpret this number? ...

Page Rank Problem

Hello, I am trying to use Page Rank algorithm in an amout of data. It is a triplified content in rdf format. The data consists in a group of datasets registered with their metadata, keywords to explain their topics. The idea is to find the most influ...