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Segregate and filter shapes

Hi everybody What would be the best way to both segregate and filter shapes. As an example: We have shapes ( circle, triangle, square ) with different colors and sizes. We want to:First - Segregate them by shape, color or size or a combination of the...

Getting a subgraph from a big graph

Hi folks, I am attempting to get a subgraph and graph data(as '.txt 'or other formats) from a big graph Approach 1:  Randomly sample all nodes types from the large graph         MATCH (source: Node)-[r*..]-(target: Node) WHERE<>target.nam...

wumirose by Node Clone
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Pregel: Store Messages in Nodes

Hi everyone, I am currently trying to write a procedure using the Pregel-API, where I would like to use the compute-method, to store each of the incoming messages for a node. However, I am kind of struggling with the Messages-object right now. The pr...

Resolved! create relationships from csv with distinct node

Hello,  I have a CSV file as below:     node01,relationship,node02 A_01,B_dependency,B_01 A_02,B_dependency,B_02 A_03,A_dependency,A_01 A_03,A_dependency,A_02 A_04,B_dependency,B_04     I hope the graphe like below: 001               My cypher code :...

001.png 002.png