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Resolved! Find Cycle

Hy community,I am looking for a method (algorithm, APOC, ...) that allows me to find the greatest number of cycles within a connected graph.Looking to Dijkstra, K coloring, ...Any suggestions, please?Thank you have a nice week end.

Modeling and querying package dependency trees

Dear Community, we are Connor and Daniel, Software Engineers at Anaconda, and we are currently looking at neo4j to represent our package meta data to answer questions like: What packages are available for python X on platform Y but not on platform Z?...

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neo4j graph database

please help me.i re created data and upload data 3 times still getting error in chalanges in graph academy neo4j graph 'imported csv'.i make model and run 1st time then get 888 value but it is not accepting ans even it correct.then run for 2nd ,3rd t...

Graph Data Science DFS traversal takes forever

I have the following query. Although I gave maxDepth = 1, the run never ends. When I run this with BFS it instantly returns. Isn't it supposed to be fast with maxDepth = 1? (NOTE: I have a very large graph but I'm not sure if that's relevant when ma...

gds.fastRP.mutate creates all zeros!?

Hi, I created a graph with Document nodes and Word(lemmatized) nodes which is contained in the document, so Documents are connected through common Word nodes. I projected the part of them like this: call gds.graph.project.cypher( 'documentRootword',...

gigauser by Graph Buddy
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How to implement propagation algorithms

I need to implement a custom propagation algorithm that starts from a given node and visits its neighbors and update their properties accordingly based on the previous node properties. Example use case is, a quality flag that changed in a given node ...

dzlabs by Node Link
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Calling gds.pagerank.write for a nodequery

I am a newbie. I am a faculty and NWU and we have a StreamingAnalytics course where we walk students through a couple lessons on Neo4J. We have a retail example that we use to walk students through links, relationships. One of the exercises uses gds....