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link prediction predicting wrong links

Hi,      I am using the link prediction pipeline to predict links between two node labels using their correspondingrelationships. have specified thes...

dg_22 by Node
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Pregel: Store Messages in Nodes

Hi everyone,I am currently trying to write a procedure using the Pregel-API, where I would like to use the compute-method, to store each of the incoming messages for a node. However, I am kind of struggling with the Messages-object right now. The pro...

Computed Property from JWT e.g. tid

Hi,I am using GraphQL library for Neo4j.How can I define a property on a type (e.g. tenantId: String!) which will take its value from the 'tid' property of the jwt auth token?I currently use a '@bind' on the $jwt.sub but ideally, the 'tenantId' field...

Label Propagation - Parallel Heuristics

Hey! I'm investigating the label propagation algorithm as implemented in Neo4J's graph data science library. I think it's notable that it's possible to set concurrency parameters, even though the original (Raghavan et al.) paper on Label propagation ...

geo by Node
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Resolved! Have GDS Similarity write to existing relationship

Hi,Scenario:I have 3 basic node labels: Document, Classification, and Word and I am running some similarity algorithms against them. Basically I am finding documents that share similar classification connections and separately I am finding documents ...


Resolved! How to create graph projections from json file

Hello everyone!!I'm looking for a way to resolve this problem. I need run graph algorithms on a graph that is in json format, like this (not the real, but similar):{   nodes: [     {       __id: "some_id",       type: "NodeType",      inE: ["node_id1...