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GDS and Causal Cluster Lack of Integration

Now that we have been using the Neo4J graph database for a few years and have integrated and using the GDS library we are now moving to a causal cluster. But Neo4J has not integrated the GDS library to run on a cluster. What? GDS algorithms are alleg...

Resolved! Pregel node degree is 0 even if it has relationships

I'm projecting a graph with the below code: CALL gds.graph.project( 'entityGraph', 'Entity', 'TO_ENTITY' ) When I use this projected graph in the call to GDS algorithm dijkstra it returns the desired result. However, when I use this graph in my custo...

Resolved! Multiple Pair Shortest Path algorithm with Pregel

I have an application where I'd like to retrieve shortest paths for multiple source-target pairs. I'd like to write my own function but as far as I figured out that with Pregel, writing such a function is not possible. Because pregel allows sending o...

Graph Data Science DFS traversal takes forever

I have the following query. Although I gave maxDepth = 1, the run never ends. When I run this with BFS it instantly returns. Isn't it supposed to be fast with maxDepth = 1? (NOTE: I have a very large graph but I'm not sure if that's relevant when ma...

gds.fastRP.mutate creates all zeros!?

Hi, I created a graph with Document nodes and Word(lemmatized) nodes which is contained in the document, so Documents are connected through common Word nodes. I projected the part of them like this: call gds.graph.project.cypher( 'documentRootword',...

gigauser by Graph Buddy
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CollapsePath, multiple paths to one type

Hi, I am using the collapsePath functionality to create specialised subgraphs. There is a case when many paths map to a single mutateRelationshipType. For example I would like to do something like: CALL gds.alpha.collapsePath.mutate( 'jscgocw...

How to implement propagation algorithms

I need to implement a custom propagation algorithm that starts from a given node and visits its neighbors and update their properties accordingly based on the previous node properties. Example use case is, a quality flag that changed in a given node ...

dzlabs by Node Link
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