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Resolved! ETL tool wont load for me

Hi, I am following and got the app to install and install for one of the project But when I launch Neo4j ETL tool it shows me blank screen. No error in console either to debug. Please provide the following inf...

npatel by Node Clone
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Import records from multiple db's at once

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if there is any possible way to import records from multiple rdb's into my neo4j using neo4j-import tool for initial offline bulk load. I know there are other options available to import data to neo4j from rdbms but onlin...

Resolved! Import from POSTGRESQL fails with unhelpful error message

I was able to create a connection to my existing POSTGRESQL database and map the desired tables, but the IMPORT DATA step fails, and the log only shows: COMMAND: java -cp "XXXX/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/graphApps/_global/n...

kevin3 by Node Link
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Resolved! Add relationship by hand with Neo4j ETL

Hi all, I'm started to try Neo4j ETL from Neo4j Desktop. I've successfully imported source tables from MariaDB, but no relationship is generated. I looked around Neo4j Desktop UI(drag, right-click, and so on...), but cannot find any suggestions for c...

m-kiuchi by Node Clone
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ETL MSSQL Connection Error

Hi I am getting the following error when attempting to connect to a local MSSQL 2016 database through the Neo4j ETL Tool: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter at

Tim71 by Node
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ETL stucks at Mapping - No error

Hi all, I am using Neo4j Desktop and I want to create a mapping between a remote DB (Postgres) and my local Neo4j Graph DB. For that, I am using the ETL Tool. Three days ago, everything worked fine and I was able to import data from Postgres and sav...

Neo4j and Snowflake Cloud Database

Trying to get Neo4j ETL to function with Snowflake. Is the source code available? or can the connection be evaluated? The system is unable to read the tables. It is able to identify the available schemas. 90.9% - 00:00:00.010 - 9.1% - 00:00:00.001...

lpfrnk by Node
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Expected time to complete mapping

Hi all, I'm using the ETL tool to map my organization's relational database. Their database has decades of data across roughly 7000 tables. I am currently doing the mapping step (not the importing) and it has been running for 6 hours. I'm totally fin...

Migration from Neo4j to Relational DB?

I am curious if there are tools to migrate/populate a relational database from Neo4j? I have seen numerous articles on migrating from a RDBMS to Neo4j, but not the other way around. Looking to use the relational database for reporting. Thanks.