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Return except specific property

Is there no way to return every property except one? For eg. the following will return all properties: MATCH (n:Node) RETURN n Now, what I want/suggest to provide feature something like below if there's no way to achieve as far as current system: MA...

ri8ika by Graph Voyager
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Splitting Nodes and Preserving Relationships

Hello - I have a set of nodes where multiple values within a property have been delimited by a semicolon. These nodes have relationships to other nodes already established. I would like to split the node up based on the delimiter and preserve the ex...

brian1 by Node Link
  • 3 replies
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Skip nodes in a path

Hi, I have the following scenario: In all cases the returned path should be the one that is coloured. When the middle Service is as in Case 1, then the returned path should only consider the top and bottom level services and not the middle one. Is t...


Resolved! Simple relational query is very slow

I have a simple relational query as below:     PROFILE MATCH(e:Entity {name:'Mona Lisa'})-[rel]->(e2:Entity) return e,rel,e2     And the query plan is as below:  "Mona Lisa" entity has 1100 relations in total - 1050 of them to Property nodes, 50 of ...


Resolved! Reading Relationships As Line From CSV

Please, I am trying to import a csv file into Neo4j desktop, which has a column that already defines the relationship between the two nodes in the file. Below is a simple example of what I am talking about: Name Action Movie Tom ...

Resolved! Variable path ordering

I have a relationship that is basically a linear parentage chain. A node can only have a single incoming relationship of this type. This can be arbitrarily deep, but reasonably doesn't get deeper than ~10. example data (a:Asset {id:1})-[:PART]->(b:As...