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Intermittent issue in query execution time

Hi All,We are using a Neo4j Cluster in 4 core servers hosted in AWS EC2. The Neo4j version installed is "Neo4j Enterprise 4.3.6". We currently have a query that takes an average time of execution of less than 5ms. But sometimes it gives an execution ...

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Slow to form cluster after node instance restart

Hello, I have 3 nodes cluster running in K8 (GKE), using the official helm-charts. All works very well, but from time to time I run into issues after restarting one of the nodes. There are 10 graphs in the cluster, all of them are relatively small, j...

Unable to setup 3 node cluster

Hi, I tried this 3 times now from scratch. I followed documentation. I have 3 nodes in a LAN, no firewalls. relevant config lines: dbms.mode=CORE # Expected number of Core servers in the cluster at formation causal_clustering.minimum_core_cluster_si...

Memory issue in Causal Cluster

Hello team, we've run into a weird problem with memory consumption in our cluster setup. Important note: all described problem is only specific to the cluster, when we run all same setup but with a single node (more hefty, though), the problem does n...

Doubts about Neo4j Fabric with a Causal Cluster

Hi all, With this configuration, in which the different neo4j DBMS are in different locations, if the connection between them and the Causal Cluster is cut for several hours, would the user be able to make queries about these dbms? Does the Cluster ...

Sync GDS graph into READ_REPLICA

I want to use gds algorithm in a causal cluster. I have 3 cores and 2 replicas. I designed the cluster following the concept "write-read seperating", so I only run gds algos on replicas with stream mode. At the beginning, I used anonymous graphs mec...

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Resolved! How many sessions can have one drive

I have a node js project where one of DBs is neo4j. Currently there are three main function I do with neo4j create, update, delete. Since there are cases when I create 1 Million nodes or relationships I need to send them by chunks. So long I was crea...

Multiple VMs using the same data directories

Hi everyone. I'm a DevOps engineer at the startup I work at and I'm currently experimenting with an architecture for a Neo4j database: basically I want to have two Causal Clusters of 3 nodes each, one of which will always be off at any given time (i....

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