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Neo4j Browser Sync got very slow

I'm using Chrome as the Browser. But my browser got very slow after I signed in for Neo4j Browser Sync. This is what I did: 1) I checked the box for Sign in/Register for Neo4j Browser Sync since I wanted to stored my favorite Cypher scripts. 2) Runni...

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DB stuck in offline state, can't get it to start

Hello, I'm using Neo4j Desktop 4.4.3.Created a DB  and work with it for a while without any problem.Yesterday, I started copying that DB into a new one, using the "neo4j-admin copy" shell command. While doing the copy, I had to stop my source DB (Neo...

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Neo4j data record does not return anything

The reason for running this query is to retrieve all the records of the Crime nodes connected to junctions. But, upon execution of the query - no output was obtained : which forces me to conclude that for that junction id, there are no crime nodes th...


Troubleshooting Connection Issues to Neo4j

Troubleshooting Connection Issues to Neo4j (including Browser, Cypher Shell, and Driver Applications) This post describes common issues users may encounter in connecting Neo4j Browser or cypher-shell to a Neo4j database, and how to address them. Conn...

Resolved! no relationship in database

Good morning experts, i can't see the relationship between my data, there is no error and it's mentioned no changes no records this is my code  CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:LIBELLEPDT) ASSERT is UNIQUE;CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (c:AssetClass) ASSERT c.nam...

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Saved scripts in the "Favorites" tab

Hi, I just learnt how to use the saved scripts feature under the "Favorites" tab of the browser. I am using the "Drop a file to import Cypher (*.cyp, *.cypher, *.cql, .txt) or Grass (.grass)" and saving the scripts for easier execution compared to cu...

Copy & Paste not working anymore

Hi there It's deeply ennoying, The copy & paste function in Neo4j browser 4.4.5 doesn't work properly anymore.The favorites are not sync between the one in desktrop and the on in the browserThe favorites function with login just crash the neo4j brows...

Browser for Aura doesn't save (cache) credentials

Been using Neo4j community edition and desktop edition for years, so for a client project I am trying out Aura.I have a report utility that runs tabular reports from graph data, and sometimes I include a column that has a hyperlink to open a visual g...

Auto-complete suggestions not working in Browser

I Just installed the latest 4.4.6 version of neo4j, but when I press control-space to get suggestions for auto-complete, I only see two entries, "call" and "db", since it seems to remember that I'm trying to use "call db.schema.visualization()" for e...